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Date added: 2014-06-21 Rating:
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Description : Flynt Dominic came in today with a coupon to have a free milking session. The gorgeous Rilynn Rae, the towering doe knows just what to do in order to get Flynt ready for his milking. She expertly walks Flynt through the treatment, eventually taking the hot seat under the table, while continuing to guide Flynt through the process by giving him some hot imagery to ponder. We get to see her masturbate her furry pussy while taking his long cock deep in her throat. Finally, Flynt lets go of his wad in a shot glass, and then swallows it all in one gulp!

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Date added: 2014-11-15 Rating:
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As pornstars go, I love Rilynn Rae. Whether it be her beautiful face, her tight body, her natural breasts, her overall complexion, or her talent as a performer, there isn't a thing I don't love about her. I had no idea she was a squirter until I watch this latest scene with her. I friggin' love squirters, so there's one more thing I love about her.
2014-11-03 15:48
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Lucy J.
She's gotta be one of my favs too! thinking about adding her to my favorites list!
2014-09-26 13:07
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She is my fav on the site: #1.
2014-07-07 21:06
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