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  • 2014-04-22
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Date added: 2014-04-22 Rating:
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Description : Will's wife must be the woman of his dreams because when he admits to his issue, we get the idea that he can't keep his libido in check, and he cums straight away. Suffering from premature ejaculation, leaves Him feeling depressed, and he feels less important. Especially when it comes to pleasing his wife. When he reveals he's worried that his wife will leave him, Carter takes over, reassuring him that the treatment she has planned should help to take care of everything from his insecurities to his PE. Aimee Black joins them, and Will realizes that they grew up together. Once Aimee and Carter start stripping down, Will can't help himself and he cums straight away! Their damage control helps him to relax and the massage certainly helps him to release his stress, and that subconscious feeling to rush everything. The ladies gently work his cock to the point where they can take him in their mouth, giving him the hot blowjob he came in for. Carter is first under the table, and before long Aimee joins her to work his cock over using four hands until his load is released into Aimee and Carter's hungry mouths! Will will need to cum back? These two hotties hope so!
Categories : Brunette

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Date added: 2014-04-22 Rating:
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It's a shame she didn't make more porn. So lovely...
2020-10-27 02:07
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