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  • 2015-09-26
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Date added: 2014-11-08 Rating:
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Description : Jay Smooth is a reluctant client. Brooke assures him that the pain he gets during sex because of his tight foreskin is something she can fix today. Wow that's service! Brooke is no stranger to a tight foreskin, saying it's her specialty. On the table, she gets Jay to close his eyes and relax. After a light oily massage she finds her way to his cock, hoping to help him stretch the skin so he can enjoy the pleasure she has planned. Her techniques are so soothing that as a matter of fact Jay feels no pain at all! She soon has his cock all sloppy, tasting him deep in her warm throat! As Brooke makes her way under the table she starts to get turned on from her work, pulling her panties to the side and rubbing her swollen clit while slobbering all over Jay's tight foreskin. He's enjoying himself, and it's been a long time coming, but why is that any reason for Brooke to miss out on all the fun?

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Date added: 2014-11-08 Rating:
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