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Date added: 2014-09-27 Rating:
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Description : Marco Banderas' wedding is in a day! He's worried he won't be able to perform on his wedding night because he accidentally jammed his cock in the car door while he was out for his bachelor party last night. He's not even sure he'll be able to get hard! Rose Red knows just how to pamper a man with a serious issue, nice and gentle, but Edyn wants to get straight to the goods, teasing him, and making him some much deserved pain, hoping it can only lead to pleasure. Our good cop, Rose finds Edyn's technique a bit to aggressive, but once a bad cop, always a bad cop! Marco doesn't seem to mind. What's the point of having the same treatment from both? Variety is the spice of life! I wonder what Marco's new wife will think when she hears about this.

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Date added: 2014-10-23 Rating:
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Pls more ms blair. The bush, the casual body, the mannerisms and acting.. youre quickly becoming one of my favs!
2017-07-03 22:24
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