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  • 2014-10-25
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Date added: 2014-10-25 Rating:
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Description : Clover came in to give girlfriend Bianca Breeze her lunch. Bianca just wanted to give Clover a little rub down while she takes her break. When Clover starts to rub her round ass, she warns him they don't have time for that kind of silliness today. Still, Bianca eats his cock for lunch as a little tease with her deep sloppy throat. Clover turns over and Bianca continues the massage like it never happened. Selma who was hiding in the room all along haunts Clover, telling him she's going to suck his dick. Clover tells her to go away hoping the place isn't haunted, and she's a ghost, but Selma finds her way under the table, and sucks his big cock like a pro, while his girlfriend doesn't know! Spooky shit right there!

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Date added: 2014-10-25 Rating:
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