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  • 2015-05-23
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Description : Robby Echo heard nothing but good things about the Milking Table through his friends, and that's why he came today with a sore back that needed mending, along with other things. From the looks of it, his friends were right. Yasmine De Leon, a sexy masseuse wearing red lingerie and matching fishnet stockings, can definitely live up to the establishments reputation. Yasmine undressed Robby, where he already has a boner from Yasmine's sex appeal. She has Robby lie down on the table to start his treatment. Yasmine starts by massaging his chest gently with oil. She makes her way down to his strong legs and surprises him with her hand over his cock.Robby lets her proceed with her hand and mouth on his dick making it juicy with her saliva. She asks him to flip over where he sees the hole in the table, but Yasmine assures him that putting his dick in the hole is another technique they use as therapy. Yasmine continues to treat Robby, sucking his dick making it so juicy, her saliva runs down her face and neck. To complete his massage therapy, she mounts the table onto his cock and places it inside of her. Yasmine rides Robby's cock, and with excitement, he trusts his penis harder into her pussy. With great excitement, he jerks himself off until he cums all over her round ass.

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Date added: 2015-05-23 Rating:
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