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  • 2016-02-13
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Date added: 2016-02-13 Rating:
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Description : Niki Snow isn't sure about her client today, but she is positive that Marco Banderas, a known Latin politician, is here with erectile dysfunction! Niki messages her friend spilling the juicy details about how she scored a hot Spanish legislator, with her mind already set on getting everything on her phone. Marco Banderas places himself shyly on the table, feeling the softness of Niki's soft hands rub all over his muscular chest and legs, deliberately moving her hands around his cock, which grows faster with every stroke she makes. Niki knows that Marco is a very special client, offering him a nice blowjob with her wet mouth. She licks his cock, gliding her throat all the way down the erect shaft, stuffing her mouth with his big balls. She has him turn over and put his cock in the Milking Table. She plays with her soft pussy lips, but then, she whips out her cell phone, taking shots of the politician's cock in her mouth! Marco wonders what she is doing down there so she quickly asks him to join her.

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