Blind Man (HARDCORE)

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Video Description: Will is blind. Nina is offering a progressive new treatment for Will's therapy today. He was recommended the spa by his doctor. He's a little nervous but he's having some trouble feeling confident with his condition. Nina's an expert and totally ready to help Will feel better. Nina starts his massage without Will knowing what's ahead. Nina is excited about her client. They say when you lose one sense, your other senses become heightened. That is certainly what Nina will try and prove to Will. When she gets under the table Will has a breakthrough with will's stiff cock deep in her throat. He makes such progress that Nina has a special treat for him. What'll it be do you think?

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2017-08-07 06:55
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2015-04-05 15:37
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Mickey Beaumont
This scene was very funny... Will's lines at the end are priceless.
2014-12-15 09:17
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Could someone explain to me what is the sexual reasoning behind showing a guy jacking off on some woman's ass as a turn on image for straight guys...
2014-12-13 11:11
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ready (user_21767480)
always also pleasant to see Nina Elle and very good idea of scenario which will be able to follow on another episode nuru massage
2014-12-13 09:33
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