Chloe Amour And Flynt Dominick

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Video Description: Flynt Dominick isn't able to cum with women, and he meets up with Chloe Amour. After some initial talking, she takes him into the milking room. She lays him on the table, and rubs his body to relax him. After the relaxing, she rubs his cock and balls and he gets harder as she stimulates him. She flips him over on the table, with his cock and balls fully ready for more. She moves in to give oral milking assistance and sucks and strokes his cock into her mouth. She fingers her pussy as it excites her as well, and when he is ready, he gives her tits and mouth sa drenching of cum that lasts.

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Chloe is one my favorite performers but she really does not seem like doing this scene
2017-02-02 19:59
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too much hand, to little blow job in tis one
2015-03-07 05:59
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