Christie Stevens And Bradley Remington

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Video Description: Christie Stevens is a sexy blonde, and she meets her stud of a patient Bradley Remington. He is having some concerns in the bedroom, and she brings him in the milking table for some relaxation. She lays him down and slowly strokes his cock. He rubs her breasts for stimulation, and she helps him with her warm lips and mouth along with her hands. She flips him over and with his cock and balls exposed, rubs her pussy as she fully strokes his entire shaft. She gets every bit to flow through his penis and gets his balls filled with semen. When ready, she milks him with a face full of cum.

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CHRISTIE has THE BEST boob job ever! (No one could have been born with those HOOTERS)! Shes just GORGEOUS, but....Why gild the lily though with tattoos?
2018-08-12 18:56
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