Cocky Compromise

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Video Description: Being from a foreign country, John Strong is accustomed to a certain way of life. Back in Russia, John would frequent the massage parlors. Russian spas would offer only the finest customer satisfaction; a menu of the very best foods, over twenty exotic women to choose from for an unforgettable rub down with very happy endings. John's friends recommended the Milking Table very highly, offering the best looking girls for those who had problems with erectile dysfunction. John meets Sabrina Banks, a perfect 10 knockout with stunning long brown hair. He explains to Sabrina what he is used to back home and what he is expecting from her today. Sabrina was in awe with John's experiences but she did mention they didn't exactly have the same method as he was used to in Russia , but for a little compromise, she would show him a great time and guaranteed girls in America can do things just as good in Russia, if not better!

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It's too bad Sabrina didn't spend more time nude so we could see her beautiful body. She didn't lose her bra until the scene was 1/2 over and the panties didn't come off for another 7 minutes. Even then there's no good look at her sweet pussy for another minute.
2015-08-01 05:16
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Yeah, I get where you're coming from but the part of the concept of Milking Table is that the models usually don't get completely naked. I mean, on this site, we're lucky if the man gets to fuck the woman. It is what it is, and consequently I don't really pay it much attention, even if it features someone as flawlessly gorgeous a Sabrina Banks. Oh well, there's always next week!
2015-08-14 15:46
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love subrina in anything
2015-08-01 00:48
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Wuhan CoronaVirus Patient Zero
Spell her name right next time you illiterate fucktard
2019-03-03 06:48
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Such an angry little nazi.
2020-04-19 04:14
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