Dillion Harper And Brad Tyler

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Video Description: The beautiful Dillon Harper is the milking specialist in this episode with her patient Brad Tyler. After his explanation of problems, and lays him down and massages his body slightly. She moves to his cock and strokes his cock with both hands. After becoming erect, she flips him over and she enjoys herself. She uses her hands and mouth all over his hard cock and balls to get every bit going through him. She strips naked and is super hot under the table, sucking his cock deeply until almost drooling. With both hands she milks every drop of cum from him over her hot face.

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Dillion is a masterpiece.
2020-04-01 00:43
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I thought it was hot when she was sucking it from under the table and there was a lot of spit between her mouth and his cock
(like, A lot of it). It only happens for a few seconds though(unfortunately).That's why I joined this site, just for that part. I was hoping for more of that, but I think it's just in this scene only ,unfortunately. I mean are there any other scenes that have something like what is in this one? I haven't came across any yet.
2015-07-26 23:02
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Barefoot scenes on Milking Table please. High heels in like 95% of the scenes is getting annoying. They're masseuses not strippers.
2015-07-18 11:27
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Tyler"s body is very nice.
2014-12-27 22:14
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Tyler is so sexy.so hot girl.
2014-12-27 22:12
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