Double The Load

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Video Description: Marco is very sad today. He hasn't had sex for months because his wife is always busy. Summer takes him into the massage room and undresses him, clearly horny when she sees his body, assuring him that he needn't be nervous, and touching his body with her gentle fingertips. She guides him up onto the table where she starts to massage him a bit before taking his huge cock in her warm hands and mouth until he cums from the incredible sensations Summer coaxes from his swollen balls. Next, she crawls under the milking table and finishes his session off with an expert cock milking using her deep warm throat!

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2017-04-26 07:43
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Big lips, big eyes, big tits and enthusiasm! EVERY scene should have these attributes! Great job Milking table!
2014-08-28 23:20
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Lucy J.
Hey Guys!
I'm so happy you like this scene!
2014-08-18 16:54
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more scenes with Summer Brielle, she's a dime
2014-08-16 16:48
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Summer Brielle is really beautiful, I love seeing a lot
2014-08-16 10:03
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