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Video Description: Tyler is a couch potato and he plays video games all the time. He doesn't get out much, really. Like never. When his mom bribed him to go on an adventure he showed up at the Spa, where August tries to see if there's anything she can do to fix him up. He has such a hard time concealing his boner. She gives him a rubdown at first, and then finds a way to distract him while she gives him a handjob, titjob and blowjob! He has a hard time dealing with all the hot things August is doing to him, so she gives him a video game to keep him focused, so she can do her job. Under the table, she lets him engross himself in the game. Her goal? Distract him from video games and give him a new lease on life. Will she succeed?

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2019-04-03 22:43
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Wow didnt know August Ames before.. she's amazing....!!!
2016-02-29 04:08
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August will make me cum by just smiling at me she's that hot
2015-01-17 06:00
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You know what? I don't even care that there's no intercourse. August Ames is so gorgeous that I would be content to watch a video in which she watches paint dry. Intercourse or cunnilingus is preferable, but seeing her diddle herself while she sucks a guy off is enough.

Thank you so much for bringing her in!
2015-01-03 12:02
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