Meditative Milking (HARDCORE)

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Video Description: Daisy Haze is a practitioner of many meditation techniques, and a student of the mystical art of tantric healing. When she sees that Jay Smooth is having trouble with erectile dysfunction, she senses that the problem is in his root chakra. Jay has no idea what she's talking about -- he's never heard of 'chakras' -- but he's willing to try anything. Daisy leads him to the massage table, where she begins a healing session with oils and crystals to open his body up and fill him with energy. Her big nipples are poking out through pink fishnets, and Jay can already feel the energy heading straight to the shaft of his dick. By the end of the session, Jay's energy is practically overflowing... right onto Daisy's shaved pussy!

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This girl is insane hot! and love the creampie on milking table...MORE please
2015-11-09 18:49
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ready (user_21767480)
a scene of Nuru massage with Daisy Haze?
2015-08-05 05:02
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