My First Client

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Video Description: Traumatized client Damon Dice needs a lot of therapy today at the Milking Table. He was involved in a motorcycle accident and his penis hasn't been the same ever since, no matter what medication he's been prescribed. Melissa May, a new masseuse may just be the thing he needs for a full recovery. Shy and timid, Melissa remains professional with Damon, assuring him she will do everything she can to get his penis working again. Undressing her patient, Damon is flushed and shy but she let's him know it's all part of the procedure. He lays on the table nude, and Melissa massages his body gently with care and attention. Miraculously, Damon is no longer flaccid, showing great results thus far from the treatment. Melissa is proud of herself, and asks Damon permission to suck on his cock. Damon becomes more aroused with the pleasure he can finally feel again, but Melissa being new realized she screwed up and forgot to start his second treatment. She apologizes and asks Damon to turn over to complete her treatment. Sucking his cock through the hole, Melissa admits Damon's cock is turning her on and asks permission to masturbate while she proceeds with his treatment. Melissa is so in love with her patients cock she deliberately deep throats it, feeling it touch the back of her throat. She sucks his cock encouraging him to cum and soon enough he shoots a massive load into her mouth. Greatly satisfied, Damon schedules another appointment with Melissa for next week. How do you think she did for her first time?

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I love the part when she says "can I put it in my mouth"? She is so cute
2021-11-08 00:47
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She reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow
2020-04-21 11:39
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Lucy J.
I thought Melissa was a really cute, bubbly newbie. I'm sure we'll have more of her soon, in something with more action.
2015-06-08 09:00
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Yes please more of her:) I'd like to see Alice Green & Abbey Rain on here too. Both cute, bubbly newbies
2015-07-18 11:17
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Melissa has nice natural titties, good deep throat skill. Her conversation as a slightly shy newbie works. Now just get her into a few videos with more action. She would work out well with that newbie act in a threesome.
2015-06-06 12:39
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Sorry but not impressed even with the swallow
2015-06-06 06:42
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