Never Put Out Until Now

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Video Description: Jay Smooth visits his friend Eric wanting to know if he wanted out hang out. Eric said he couldn't unfortunately because he had to clean up the house and make an appointment for a therapy session for his erectile dysfunction. Jay wanted to know more about this whole 'therapy' treatment and how it worked. Eric mentions it's something progressive he's been working on with his therapist, Rachael Madori. Jay was astonished to find out this same girl was his ex-girlfriend who never wanted to even give him the time of day in bed. Jay knew it was his chance to take full advantage of the situation and get what he deserved from Rachael not putting out when they were together.Enjoy!

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Wuhan CoronaVirus Patient Zero
Did someone shave the side of her head on purpose?
2019-03-03 06:50
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I liked the premise. LOVED Rachel! The outfit, on the other hand, gotta go.
2017-12-21 17:08
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Hot babe but she never uncovers those lovely tits or ass nothing. She carries the dialog well and is a great "Head Mistress" but really need to see that lovely body nude. I also enjoy the Full Service massages. She looks like she would be a great fuk on that table.
2015-09-16 09:41
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it's very annoying that the girls all stay in some way clothed throughout. get 'em naked!
2015-09-11 19:23
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The idea that Rachel Madori doesn't put out is not believable :-P
2015-08-30 00:03
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