The Definition Of Massage (HARDCORE)

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Video Description: Antonio Ross has no idea what he's walked into. He thinks this is just a regular massage parlor, but as masseuse Serena Ali is trying to explain, this is a different kind of massage than he's probably used to. Just the fact that her big tits are showing through a skimpy fishnet dress should have clued him in! He's a bit put off by the price, because most massage places he's been to charge way less, but Serena just shrugs and says that if he wants a less pleasurable experience he's welcome to go elsewhere. Antonio decides that he may as well try something new, just this once. The massage starts off pretty standard, and he starts to feel like he may have gotten ripped off, but when he turns onto his stomach and sees a hole in the table, he quickly finds out what's so special about this massage parlor. Serena works her magic on Antonio's cock both over and under the table, and Antonio comes to discover that the price is well worth the service!

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Serena at her best. Beautiful, a banging body and those tits and nipples.
2022-01-21 13:58
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What a body and amazing cocksucking skills
2021-10-21 12:56
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Why do the male porn stars like to make themselves cum thereby totally ruling out her having anything to do with his orgasm as so many times happen in straight male porn. What is the woman there to do:cheer on his hand?
2015-02-03 19:54
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Not a bad scene. The girl has a great body and great skills. Would've been nice to see her naked, though -- can't figure why she didn't take that stupid fishnet thing off and get totally nude.
2015-01-28 11:52
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