Throbbing Rockstar

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Video Description: Xander's a rock star. Usually he can handle the rough life of touring and late nights. Partying isn't that hard, let's face it. Milking Table seems to be the place for him. Peta and Amirah know just how to fix him up, and it's a lot easier with both of them that's for sure. He's not an easy case. His massage starts and he warms up quickly (they're professionals after all) Eventually, they turn him over and take turns running his cock deep into their throats, while the other makes sure his balls are taken care of. These Milk Maidens are perfectly paired to work together. Xander's therapy seems to have worked when Peta's breasts get plastered with his jizz.

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2022-04-29 00:53
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I Love Ball Sucking
I can feel my balls tingle every time I hear Peta say: "You have really nice balls" while she fondles them.
Fuck, the Dude must have built up a huge fucking load when he heard that.
His balls get the royal treatment in this video and I LOVE IT!
2021-11-20 16:16
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love amirah, but soooo need to see her gorgeous peds w no shoes on, dress her in some sheer nude tan hose or stockings, toe teasing n fj's etc. pls
2015-01-06 05:46
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I dont can see... helpme please
2015-01-01 17:30
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Please use a darker backdrop in these scenes. You can never see the cumshot....Seriously, after filming dozens of these scenes you have not noticed this? TIA
2015-01-01 16:02
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