You're Not The Problem

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Video Description: It can't be more embarrassing for Brad Knight to have his wife set him up with her sister Keira Nicole. She's a specialist in erectile dysfunction, and she just wanted to help him with his...issues. In this family there is compassion, love and kindness and when a family member needs help, they are there to support one another. He isn't convinced that she should be the one helping him with his problems, but unfortunately, he is stuck with his sister in law. She promises once she is done milking him he is going to be a whole new man. She massages him with her relaxing oil all over his chest and legs, building comfort and trust in her client, but as soon as she places her two hands over his cock, he immediately uncontrollably becomes squeamish, but his erection tells another story. Keira can't help herself to fill her mouth with his cock and licking the tip of his cock. She has more in store for him, too. She shows him the hole in the milking table, asking him to insert his cock as she goes underneath the milking table, playing with her shaved pussy. While he lies on the milking table getting the blowjob of his life from his sister in law, she desires his cock inside of her. She gets her feet wet by jerking him off with her pretty toes, stroking his big cock back in forth with her feet, tickling his ball sack, anticipating his full load in her warm throat.


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This was so hot. Keira is incredibly gorgeous in this video. It was so exciting to see her remove her heels and use her beautiful bare feet to pleasure her client. If you're going to do foot fetish, then the first rule is to hire someone with really great feet and Keira is just perfect. She has beautiful high arches, sexy round heels and great purple nail polish on the toes, and the anklet was nice touch! As well, she played the part in such an appealing and erotic way. It would have been even better to have her do some hardcore, but I guess you can't have everything. Milking Table is so hit-or-miss that it's great when you release even a half decent scene.
2015-11-09 17:24
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Looks like it's going to be another waste of time.
2015-10-15 19:11
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Finally some foot fetish plz more
2015-10-10 03:44
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ready (user_21767480)
french proverb : tout vient a point a celui qui sait attendre :-)
2015-11-07 06:29
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