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Date added: 2014-10-25 Length: 00:18:27 Rating:
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Description : Clover came in to give girlfriend Bianca Breeze her lunch. Bianca just wanted to give Clover a little rub down while she takes her break. When Clover starts to rub her round ass, she warns him they don't have time for that kind of silliness today. Still, Bianca eats his cock for lunch as a little tease with her deep sloppy throat. Clover turns over and Bianca continues the massage like it never happened. Selma who was hiding in the room all along haunts Clover, telling him she's going to suck his dick. Clover tells her to go away hoping the place isn't haunted, and she's a ghost, but Selma finds her way under the table, and sucks his big cock like a pro, while his girlfriend doesn't know! Spooky shit right there!
Date added: 2014-10-18 Length: 00:16:52 Rating:
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Description : Marco has been a good client. Bailey knows he's been making lots of progress since they first had an appointment. Marco asks, because every time he comes he doesn't get to watch what the masseuse is doing under the milking table. He wishes he could see, but Bailey reminds him that the whole point is to gain better flow and sensation in his dick. Bailey can hardly keep herself in check when she sees the extent of Marco's fresh new cock. It's like he's a new man. She gets so horny shoving his thick Latino cock deep in her throat that she comes up with a plan to reward her greatest customer yet! Watch as she spreads her soft legs, and opens her wet trimmed pussy for Marco's massive cock. I think both of them get exactly what they came for!
Date added: 2014-09-13 Length: 00:12:40 Rating:
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Description : Clover has some serious association issues! Now every time he can't get a boner he has anxiety that a great white is going to jump out of nowhere! Siri knows precisely what to do to pamper her scared client. She's dealt with all sorts of issues like this. But Clover's really on edge about this neurosis! Siri has exactly what it takes to get Clover relaxed, and after she uses her massive tits to fuck his cock, his mind couldn't be further than the anxiety of the great white shark! Siri gets tired of Clover's focus on her gigantic jugs and goes under the table to milk his cock with her deep warm throat, letting her boobs have the space they need!
Date added: 2014-09-06 Length: 00:12:44 Rating:
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Description : Will Powers came in today for a treatment, his last ones have gone really well, but he's still nervous! He's worried people will think he's gay, he got a boner while on hard on meds, and his buddies put some gay porn in front of him. Needless to say Karlie Montana can certainly fix his problem. She has him focus on her touch and before too long, he's standing at attention, while feeling her breasts. Karlie's beautiful eyes are so sexy to stare into while she sucks your cock, and Will is sure taking full advantage of her allure! She sucks a mean cock too! Once Karlie pulls his cock down through the glory-hole there's no chance this guy is gay. A hot cock milking session like this one is bound to cure anyone!
Date added: 2014-08-30 Length: 00:13:53 Rating:
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Description : Clover has issues with premature ejaculation, and his football coach sent him over to get some much needed edging therapy. As Delilah gets him undressed, she uses her incredible powers of pampering to lull him into a relaxed state where she will use her expert techniques to draw out his orgasm as long as possible, in order to relieve him of his condition, it'll take plenty of sessions but Clover is in great hands! Delilah loves the taste of cock, and every minute she gets to wrap her warm mouth around a big one like Clover's she enjoys. It definitely takes Delilah some restraint to keep from letting him cum all over her small natural tits and puffy nipples!
Date added: 2014-08-23 Length: 00:16:37 Rating:
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Description : Jack is having marital problems, and a whole list of other issues! Summer tells Jack he's come to the right place after he reveals that his boss recommended him. When Riley turns around and finds out that her client is her husband she's surprised to see that he's in such a tizzy! Like a good wife, Riley shows her husband how important he is by going through the ropes. After years, she is finally giving him the stuff he needs. He's missed that mouth! The moment she crawls under the table she takes off her top, to enjoy the taste of her husband, and it doesn't take too long before this couple is back on its feet, and Riley's expert deep throat helps Jack find relief in letting go of a massive load on his wife's milky white skin and mouth!
Date added: 2014-08-09 Length: 00:18:06 Rating:
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Description : Carmen Caliente has always wanted to be a masseuse, and today she's finally got her chance! Like anyone given the chance to realize their dreams she's at the spa early practicing before her first ever massage! When Dane comes in for his massage, Carmen is excited to see that she can get the results they were both looking for. When Dane gets a boner, she crawls under the milking table to suck every last drop of cum from his swollen balls! Carmen's sure the practice has helped, But Dane knows it!
Date added: 2014-06-14 Length: 00:17:22 Rating:
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Description : Abby's job is a foreign concept to her guy Eric. But today she has a plan, no one is coming through the spa today so she's got plenty of time. Eric is in for a treat too, cause it's his first time getting a milking from his wife! Abby takes her time revealing what she does at the spa, and Eric likes every second, of the buildup. But, when Abby finally crawls under the milking table to suck his cock, their primal instincts take over, and the sparks begin to fly! Before long Abby has him moaning for more. When they hear a sound, Abby goes to check it out, leaving Eric hanging at the table. Nikki is just arriving, when she discovers an unfinished patient waiting in the table. Well like any good employee she resolves to finish him off in her warm mouth. Just then, Abby returns to find Nikki cleaning the cum from her face... Eric's not getting any brownie points tonight!
Date added: 2014-06-07 Length: 00:18:54 Rating:
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Description : Britney Amber is and expert Milk Maiden, and today is Jamie's first milking ever. He's quite worried about a lot of aspects of his life, including the potential inability to get hard in front of a girl. Britney assures him she know exactly how to proceed with his treatment, and Jamie Stone, though hesitant is ready to get started. Britney has that type of girl next door personality that allows Jamie to get comfortable really easily. Soon her expertise pays off, and Jamie's cock is harder than concrete. Britney loves to tease, and today she is so excited about her work that she even masturbates, tasting her warm pussy, while milking a huge load from his hard cock into her expert mouth, and over her massive tits!
Date added: 2014-05-31 Length: 00:16:36 Rating:
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Description : Jack Vegas' homeopathic doctor has sent him to the Milking Table spa in order to cure his erectile dysfunction, and Deni Desire is eager to help him past this common problem. Jack is used to taking homeopathic supplements, but when Deni introduces him to her therapeutic approach, she proves the technique's worth, and our tickled pink patient, vows never to resort to supplements again! He's a gloryhole virgin, and Deni is a Milking veteran. What better patient-expert combination is there?
Date added: 2014-04-01 Length: 00:17:33 Rating:
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Description : The luscious and nurturing Cali Carter meets a parlor regular, Will Powers. She strips him nude to expose his hard cock. She uses her gentle hands to comfort him, talking to him and his cock. After Cali gets Will to turn over, she uses her warm wet mouth to suck his giant cock, shooting his steaming load from her shot glass. Will will be back!
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:15:33 Rating:
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Description : Adrianna Luna is a sexy new therapist and she meets with her new patient Billy Glide. Billy Glide is super hung and has erection problems. She lays him down on the milking table and slowly starts to milk his thick cock. She goes slowly and as she does, he gets harder. She uses both hands and gets him going until he flips over. He puts his huge cock and balls through the hole and she uses her hands to hold his balls and fully strokes his lengthy cock. She loves his manhood and gets him going and he loves it. She takes every drop of his cum all over her lips and tits.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:16:00 Rating:
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Description : Talon has been suffering sexual problems and meets up with Alexis Venton to help him out. She takes him in the milking room and massages his body slowly. Her hands move to his cock and she strokes and rubs his cock until he gets erect and maintains his erection. He gets harder and harder, and turns over on the milking table. Alexis then strokes his cock through the table, plays with his balls, and sucks his hard cock down her throat. She deep throats his cock and enjoys milking him orally during their session. She wants him to finish and he does as well, and shoots cum down her sexy mouth.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:15:59 Rating:
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Description : Alison Tyler is a sexy brunette and in her fishnet outfit, she meets her patient Billy. After an introduction, she brings him to the milking room. She puts him on his back and strokes his hard cock with both of her hands, caressing and handling his cock. After he grows harder, she flips him over and is fully exposed to a nude Alison under the table. She holds his balls and strokes his cock, milking him for all his semen. She talks him through it and loves the feeling. She gets his juices flowing through his body and finally milks her mouth fully drained.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:17:01 Rating:
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Description : Brandy Aniston meets with Talon in this hot milking table session. After the initial consultation, she brings him to the table where she disrobes him slowly. She rubs his body with her hands and then wets his cock with her saliva. She strokes his cock with her hands and gets him harder. After he gets hard, she turns him over and gets under his thick cock. She uses both hands to stroke his cock and uses her wet mouth to entice him to stay hard. She loves his hard cock and gets him super stiff and he loves his milking. She lets him cum in her mouth and asks him to return for another session.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:17:20 Rating:
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Description : Tommy Gunn has had a motorcycle accident and its affected his erections, and he meets with sexy Cameron Dees to help him. She helps him to lay down on the milking table and get him totally relaxed. She caresses his chest and then moves to stroke his cock and balls with some lube. He enjoys this and gets hard with her attention. He is instructed to turn over, and when he does, she uses her hands to deeply stroke him. His cock is stroked harder and harder, and her mouth then moves to his cock. She sucks his cock deeply and gives him attention. He can't control himself and cums in her mouth.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:19:29 Rating:
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Description : Capri Cavanni is today's milking specialist and she meets with war torn Joey Brass. He has erection problems after the war. and cannot stay hard. She strips him and lays him down on the milking table. She massages his body with her hands, and then moves to giving his cock attention. She rubs his cock with her hands and gives him special oral blowjob attentions. She flips him over and she positions herself under his cock. She sucks and swallows his hard cock and keeps him hard as she milks his cock and balls. He stays hard enough until he needs to cum and he shoots cum into Capri's open mouth.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:17:30 Rating:
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Description : Flynt Dominick isn't able to cum with women, and he meets up with Chloe Amour. After some initial talking, she takes him into the milking room. She lays him on the table, and rubs his body to relax him. After the relaxing, she rubs his cock and balls and he gets harder as she stimulates him. She flips him over on the table, with his cock and balls fully ready for more. She moves in to give oral milking assistance and sucks and strokes his cock into her mouth. She fingers her pussy as it excites her as well, and when he is ready, he gives her tits and mouth sa drenching of cum that lasts.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:18:29 Rating:
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Description : Courtney Taylor is a hot sexual therapist and isn't affraid to show it, when Will comes back for another session she shows him to the milking room and undresses him. She takes one look at his huge cock and cannot wait to play with it and suck it. Under the table she puts her lips around his dick and milks it hard which gets her really turned on. Courtney shows her perfect tits and shaven pussy and lets Will shoot his entire load in her mouth. She enjoy the taste of his cum and asks him to come back and see her for another private session.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:15:10 Rating:
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Description : Flynt is returning for a second session after having the time of his life the last time, this time he is paying 200 dollars and sees Danica. She lays him on the milking table and starts by giving him a gentle blowjob followed by a wet blowjob. As things heat on she gets under the table and starts milking his erected cock, Flynt is enjoying every seconds of it and gets to shoot his entire load in her mouth. Danica swallows like a pro and feels happy that she could help him out.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:16:52 Rating:
Like 159
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Description : The beautiful Dillon Harper is the milking specialist in this episode with her patient Brad Tyler. After his explanation of problems, and lays him down and massages his body slightly. She moves to his cock and strokes his cock with both hands. After becoming erect, she flips him over and she enjoys herself. She uses her hands and mouth all over his hard cock and balls to get every bit going through him. She strips naked and is super hot under the table, sucking his cock deeply until almost drooling. With both hands she milks every drop of cum from him over her hot face.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:16:06 Rating:
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Description : A wild and sexy therapist played by the blonde Emily Austin is introduced to her patient Bradley Remington. He talks about his sexual concerns, and she lays him down on the milking table. She massages him a little and then gives him a blowjob to get him hard. She then uses her hands to stroke him harder with both hands. She flips him over on the table, and gets underneath his erect cock and balls. She pumps his cock and balls fully and gets his juices and blowing and he loves it. She uses her mouth and lips with her hands and he cannot stand it anymore and finally lets go over her hot mouth.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:17:10 Rating:
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Description : The hottest milking therapist around, Jessa Rhodes is the best therapist around. Eric Masterson has an appointment and he talks about his erection concerns. She lays him down on the milking table and massages him to ease him in. Jessa takes his cock with both hands and strokes his cock until erect. She brings him along and turns him over. She gets under him and then takes his cock and balls in her hands and strokes him. She uses her mouth on his cock and continues to keep him hard. She fingers her shaved pussy and plays with her tits. He cannot take it anymore and shoots cum over her lips.
Date added: 2014-03-05 Length: 00:20:33 Rating:
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Description : Redhead milking specialist Maria McCray is looking especially sexy and her patient Will Powers is the lucky guy. Discussing his problems brings him to the milking table. She relaxes him through some rubbing and then moves to slowly rub the head of his penis. She instantly stimulates him and he loves it. She turns him over, and then she moves to milking him through her open mouth. She deep throats his hard cock and sucks on his balls. She gets him fully ready to go, and when he explodes, the milking session ends with tits covered with cum.
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